Unique place for exceptional people

Our guests don´t visit us to handle e-mails, long teleconference calls or watch 350th part of their favorite soap opera

Dos Ojos - One of the ten longest underwater cave systems in the world, mapped 61 km, the deepest path leads to 118 m.


Scuba divers

Dos Ojos - one of the most beautiful cenotes in the world is located 500 meters from your room. Wonderful place for morning swimming, free-diving and the paradise for cave divers.

The floor is made of local mahagony tree, very durable and hard lumber

Yoga instructors, pilates and dance

Yoga instructors, pilates or dance

We have a beautiful studio with 135 square meters of wooden floor in La Calma. It is suitable for meditation, yoga, workout or dancing. The studio has its own social facilities, dressing room and shower.

Graphic and sculptor Ivan Nacvalač, the author of the Trojan horse in Prague

Graphics, sculptors, photographers and movie makers

Graphic designers, sculptors, photographers and movie makers

Stay with us to find a new inspiration for your next project. It offers endless opportunities for photography, wood work or making art objects.

Endless opportunities for travelers

Vášniví cestovatelé

Passionate travelers

Although we do not have swimming pool or cable TV in the room, or even TV set at all, when you stop for a moment, you will hear thousands of sounds of nature. Maybe group of coati (Mexican tejón) will run over in the distance, toucans with big yellow beaks will be flying over the trees or an iguana sunbathing on a hot stone will be nodding at you.

Beautiful entertainment park Xel-Ha is situated 3 km from La Calma where you can enjoy diving with the dolphins!

Top manažeři

Family with young children

It is not uncommon that we are visited by families with small babies. One such a baby is living with us :-) The children get to know the beauty of nature, they avoid rush of big cities, day-to-day stress, some of them will learn how to swim and maybe how to spend their time more actively.

Beautiful place for wedding ceremony

Budoucí manželské páry

Soon to be married

Lagoon close to Tulum is really extraordinary place for wedding ceremony you will never forget. Book La Calma for yourselves and for your loved ones, and enjoy your honeymoon in the Caribbean!

Do you know better conditions for healthy development of your baby?

Budoucí maminky


Ever enjoy a really healthy food, fresh air, beautiful surroundings and no stress? We give you a proposal for long-term staying in La Calma including professional medical assistance on individual request.

Current winner of La Calma triatlon

Sportovci tělem i duší

Athletes by your body and soul

Do you want to come home in better shape than when you left? Would you like to run 5km in jungle or to swim in famous Dos Ojos every morning? Or compare your skills with local bike team? And what about running half-marathon to Tulum to have delicious breakfast? Not enough? Go biking to Chiapas highlands!

Our VIP guest

Top managers and publicly known people

Managers and publicly known people

Forget long phone calls, e-mails, breefings, meetings, and brainstormings. Learn to enjoy every minute of your life. Pristine nature around La Calma provides the natural barrier between you and any paparazzi. We have very limited capacity that offers maximum privacy and anonymity.

Active holiday

You can live here for months and you can still fully enjoy every day


Project La Calma

History, approach, and philosophy

The place to meet interesting people

The first idea arose in 2009 during our trip around Mexico. After a year we have managed our dream to come true and today, with big pleasure, we accept interesting guests from all over the world.

Staying in harmony with people and nature

Whole project has been created with the aim to touch the local Mayan community and wild nature as less as possible. The building has been built by hands without any help of electricity or any heavy machinery. All works from the development of land to the last details have been made by local Mayas.

100% independence

La Calma is independent to the external environment, the electricity is generated from the solar energy using MPPT panels, water is pumped from own boreholes. Everything which is used at the house is biodegradable, waste is filtered and cleaned in its own biodigestores and two sewages. There is no undesirable waste, the house is fully self-sufficient and is not contaminating the land.

Focus on design and beauty

We tried to engrave our sense of beauty, functionality, and simplicity to the every aspect of La Calma. Design of the patio and other decoration is the work of graphic designer and sculptor Ivan Nacvalac.

BIO food as a experience

Every day La Calma prepares for you only few types of meals. It is because of the climate and our premise that our meals are always fresh and of the best quality. We cook all meals from the products which has been bought on the same day, from the local resources which fulfill the strictest criteria of BIO quality.

Fruits, vegetables as well as meat and fishes depending on season, catch, and harvest and this is why our menu is changing every week. We want to provide you the best experience from the local cuisine. We cook only from extra virgin olive oil.

From our menu:

  • Fresh fish
  • Vegetarian food
  • Fruit and vegetable from local resources
  • Sea food
  • Mayan specialities
  • Mexican cuisine
  • Italian specialities and Japanese cuisine

Price and services

We offer accommodation for individual travelers, groups or we rent the entire La Calma

We tried to make even our standard rooms beautiful, cosy and spacious

Individiual travelers

  • Standard room at 80 USD/room/night (25m2 for 2 guests)
  • Spacious Premium Suite at 129 USD/room/night (35m2 for 2-3 guests). The room is also equipped with a safety deposit box and private bar.
  • Home made breakfast in BIO quality included
  • Daily cleaning service
  • Private bathroom with hot water
  • Electricity throughout the day and night (110V)
  • Drinking water throughout the day
  • Sunbathing terrace
  • Parking
Optional services:
  • Transport from the airport for 100 USD/car/one way
  • Dinner for 15 USD/person

One of our Premium Suite


  • 60 USD/person/night including breakfast and dinner in BIO quality according to your preferences (vegetarian, gluten-free, paelo diet etc.)
  • One double room free for a guide in case of 10 people and more
  • Exclusive use of studio with 135 square meters of wooden floor, sound system, electricity, and bathroom
  • Daily cleaning service
  • Private bathroom with hot water
  • Electricity throughout the day and night (110V)
  • Drinking water throughout the day
  • Sunbathing terrace
  • Parking
  • Maximum capacity is 16 people
Optional services
  • Transport from the airport for 100 USD/car/one way
  • Travel trips, lunch, and laundry upon individual request

Exclusive use of palapa (7x5 m), tables and chairs for 16 people, sound system

Renting La Calma

  • Price on request
  • 2 Premium Suites (35m2) for 2-3 guests and 5 Standard rooms (25m2) for 2 guests. Premium Suite is also equipped with a safety deposit box and the private bar
  • Kitchen equipped with all facilities and gas cooker
  • Exclusive use of palapa 7x5 m, tables and chairs for 16 people, sound system
  • Exclusive use of studio with wooden 135 square meters of wooden floor, sound system, electricity, and bathroom
  • Exclusive use of sunbathing terrace
  • Fridge
  • Electricity throughout the day and night (110V)
  • Technical support 24 hrs
  • Parking for 6 cars
Optional services:
  • Transport from the airport for 100 USD/car/one way


Frequently Asked Questions

Well-known brands like Heartz, AVIS, Europcar and others are available at airport in Cancun or in Tulum.
Dos Ojos, Tulum, beaches, and other places in our area are safe for families and individual travelers. We recommend to follow the same safety rules as in your country.
You can use local microbus Colectivo which pick you up and drop you off anywhere and anytime or you can use taxi or car.
Free usage of car to the beach and surroundings.
iPAD with 3G internet connection for free (not really fast). You can connect your own device via wi-fi in restaurants and bars in Tulum for free.
Mexican currency is Peso. Exchange rate is 1 USD = 12 pesos. Using ATM is strongly recommended, ATMs are wide spread, reliable and offer the best exchange rate.
During the spring and summer the daytime temperature is between 26 - 34 degrees of Celsius. During the autumn and winter the temperature is between 24 to 30 degrees of Celsius.
In Tulum, price for washing and drying is 14 peso per 1 kg of laundery.
Czech, English, German, Serbian, and Spanish speaking guides for your services.
We are pet friendly! Altought La Calma is located in the intact nature, there is nothing to worry about. All animals are more scarred of you than you might be scarred of them.


A couple of words about us and what we can do for you.

Czech Republic
David Ženčák

David Zencak

David makes your dreams real - ask for reservations, transports from the airport, he can help you with searching best air tickets, car rental, or ask any question regarding staying with us. He is fluent in Czech and English.

Mexico, La Calma
Lucia Fleissigová

Lucia Fleissig

Lucia is ready to answer any question about Mayan culture, sights and local people. She ensures that you will feel like at home and maybe better. She is fluent in Slovak, Czech, English and Spanish

Mexico, La Calma
Matěj Fleissig

Matej Fleissig

Matej will take care of you throughout your stay in La Calma for 24 hours. He will be your own private guide helping you maximize your Mexican experience. He is fluent in Czech, Spanish, and English.

How can you contact us?

If you are interested in staying with us or have any question, do not hesitate!